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Through the life.He is not a child anymore, everything is changed after moving to a new house far from the city. Dreams were about making life easier but as much as he tries to run away from the depression from his past life as much it found him .  Walking in woods on the right hand the book of his favorite author trying to be out of the noise and crowd,  to hide himself between old pages of the book, he  used to spend most of time in this way .Living with big family 3 older brothers and 2 sisters doesn’t make any sense for him cause they are as if not from his kind of personality . Loosing his uncle in war was the hardest they for him , he lost his best friend and the man who was close to him than his father but now he is gone. Some times facts are so hard to accept that they make you to just run away from people and be angry with family or schoolmates. It’s almost more than half year passed but  things are still the same all people around used to see him in this way , Adam  poor boy…

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